Meet our team

Leadership Team

Mrs C Welch

Miss Rule
Vice Principal


Miss Parmee
Assistant Principal

Mrs Adie
Pupil Premium Champion

Mrs Fields
Early Years Foundation Stage Leader 

Miss Nijhuis
Key Stage 1 Leader

Mrs Beck
Lower Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs Peacock
Upper Key Stage 2 Leader

Teaching Staff

Mrs Bourne
Reception Cygnets, Teacher

Mrs Horsman
Reception Cygnets, Teacher

Miss Meredith 
Reception Cygnets, Teaching Assistant

Miss Darling
Reception Ducklings, Teacher

Miss Clark
Reception Ducklings, Teaching Assistant

Miss Fields
Year 1 Skylarks, Teacher

Mrs Elliott-Torfield
Year 1 Skylarks, Teaching Assistant

Miss Miles
Year 1 Swifts, Teacher

Miss Pearson
Year 1 Swifts,        Teaching Assistant

Miss Nijhuis
Year 2 Robins, Teacher

Miss Bourne
Year 2 Robins, Teaching Assistant

Miss Baker
Year 2 Kingfishers, Teacher

Mrs Trunchion
Year 2 Kingfishers, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wilson
Year 3 Sandmartins, Teacher

Miss Aird
Year 3 Sandmartins, Teaching Assistant

Miss Benton
Year 3 Lapwings, Teacher

Mrs Millard
Year 3 Lapwings, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Beck
Year 4 Herons, Teacher

Miss Preedy
Year 4 Herons, Teaching Assistant

Miss Evans
Year 4 Cranes, Teacher

Miss Butler
Year 4 Cranes,  Teaching Assistant

Miss Willard
Year 5 Egrets,   Teacher

Mrs Connolly
Year 5 Egrets, Teaching Assistant

Miss Ellen
Year 5 Curlews, Teacher

Mrs Brown
Year 5 Curlews,  Teaching Assistant

Mr Bonner
Year 6 Avocets, Teacher

Mrs Fisher
Year 6 Avocets, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Peacock
Year 6 Sandpipers,  Teacher

Mrs Hayes
Year 6 Avocets,  Graduate Teacher

Miss Sargent
Year 6 Kittiwakes, Teacher

Miss Jones
Year 6 Kittiwakes, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Stapley-Bourne
HLTA - PPA Cover

Miss Brockhurst
HLTA - PPA Cover

Mrs Curtis
HLTA - PPA Cover


Mrs Sheriff
Lead Nursery Practitioner


Mrs Kennedy
Nursery Practitioner

Mrs Warner
Nursery Practitioner

Inclusion Team

Mrs C Welch
Designated Teacher for LAC

Mrs Jarvis
Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Adie
Pupil Premium Champion

Mrs Edworthy
Inclusion Teacher

Mrs Smith
Reading Recovery Teacher

Miss Search
Speech and Language Therapist

Miss Marriott
Speech and Language Therapist

Miss Joyce
Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Mrs Sebbage
Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Ms Wright
SEN HLTA Nurture Practitioner

Mrs Luck
SEN Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs Harman
SEN Teaching Assistant

Miss Collins
SEN Teaching Assistant

Miss Clark
SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs Isted
SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs Campbell
Individual Needs Assistant

Mrs Poulter
Inclusion Coordinator

Mrs Coombs
Intervention Teacher

Mrs Gray
LAC Teaching Assistant

Laurence Camors
Mental Health Support Practitioner

Facilities Team

Mr Russell
Facilities Manager

Office Team

Mrs Lacy
Academy Business Manager

Miss Campbell

Miss Hummerstone
Attendance Officer / Clerical Assistant

Miss Sales
PA to Principal