Funding For Physical Education

Expenditure Impact
J&C Academy
£ 6500.00

A specialist PE coach has taught every pupil in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 this year. Class Teachers attended the lesson as part of their on-going professional development and then replicated or extended the lesson the following week for their class.

Pupils (via the school learning council) were asked to suggest which sport should be offered as an after school enrichment club by the J&C coach. They chose basketball (having enjoyed that sport in their PE lessons) and this club was then established.

Funk Fusion Fitness
£ 2340.00

A specialist dance teacher has taught every child in years 3,4 and 5 this year during their PE lesson. This resulted in an increase in the number of older pupils joining our after school enrichment dance club.

Our specialist dance teacher supported pupils in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 to participate in a ’Danceathon’ to raise money for Comic Relief.

Dance demonstrations provided an opportunity for increased parental engagement. Each year group invited their parents to come into school and see their new skills in action as they performed the dance routines they had been learning.

Sports Equipment
£ 285.00

J&C Academy supported us in auditing our PE equipment to ensure we had everything we needed to teach quality PE lessons. We then updated or replaced equipment as necessary. Pupils (via the School Learning Council) suggested what extra equipment they would like to be available in the playground to improve lunch times.

Expenditure Impact
J&C Academy Sports Coaches

This academic year, a specialist PE coach teaches every pupil in years 2-6. Pupils have developed their knowledge of and skills in a range of sports including: basketball, tag rugby, football, athletics, cricket and gymnastics.

Class Teachers attend the lessons as part of their on-going professional development and keep evidence of pupils’ achievements as part of their individual Learning Portfolios.

Sports Week
The Boy who biked the world (book for every class)
Trip to Amex
Stool ball England Coaching / History & Heritage Workshop Feb 15

All pupils and staff across the academy participated in a themed sports week.

This linked to our Whole Academy Topic – Change the World, focussing on how individuals can change themselves through Health and Sport. The week included visits from a number of sports coaches and an off-site visit. All lessons during this week linked to the sporting theme. The week culminated in an assembly, led by pupils in year 6. Each sport was reviewed, with recommendations made to a panel of judges on which sport we should choose to take forward and develop participation in across the academy.

Time to Dance Showcase
Coach Fees

Pupils attending our after school enrichment club (Movers and Groovers) learnt a routine and represented the Academy by performing in a dance ‘Showcase’ at The White Rock Theatre. This was also shared in an academy

After School Enrichment

Pupils have access to a range of after school enrichment clubs, including football, basketball, dance and kickboxing. This year, we have seen an increase in the number of pupils choosing to participate in additional physical activity after school.

Expenditure Impact
Brighton and Hove Albion Coaches

Lunchtime football and tennis sessions have been run by qualified Brighton and Hove Coaches enabling children to access highquality coaching during their playtimes. This has resulted in increased engagement from children in the sports involved and extra interest in after school enrichment clubs.

Time to Dance Showcase

Pupils attending our after school enrichment club (Movers and Groovers) have represented the Academy by performing in a dance ‘Showcase’ at The White Rock Theatre. This was also shared in an academy assembly.

Sports Teams Transport

In order to give pupils access to a range of enrichment activities, funding has been used to cover transportation to competitions and events. This helps to remove barriers to participation for those children who may not otherwise be able to attend events.

PE participation Reward Scheme

In Term 6, a major reward programme will look to promote full participation in PE lessons as well as raising the expectations of the kits that children wear in lessons. PE teachers will choose a weekly prize winner (from each class) who has demonstrated the most impressive levels of effort. All children who wear the correct kit will also be entered into weekly prize draws.

Sports Days Medals and Trophies

In order to raise the prestige of Sports Day for children, medals have been purchased to present to event winners in each year group. This is part of the ongoing effort to raise the profile of PE and to accelerate progress by celebrating achievement.

Sussex Cricket

Year 4 will be attending a Sussex County Cricket match and taking part in enrichment activities as part of a schools-focussed day.


Purchase of new and replacement equipment to ensure full coverage of the PE curriculum as well as allowing teachers the opportunity to create cross-curricular links more easily. Other purchases, such as replacement bibs for team games, help to organise lunchtime and after school clubs and encourage a team mentality during sessions.