Reporting a concern

At The Baird Primary Academy, we want to make sure that children feel safe and cared for.

The safety and welfare of children – or Safeguarding - is everyone’s responsibility. You could be a neighbour, friend, parent or relative. Safeguarding means protecting children from physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect. It also means helping children to grow up into confident, healthy and happy adults.

If you think a child might be suffering neglect or abuse, it can be difficult to know what to do. But your action is vital in making sure that child gets the help they need. Acting quickly can make all the difference.

You can contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead. At The Baird Primary Academy this is Mrs Jarvis or Mrs Welch. You can call us on 01424 425670 or email us at

If you are concerned about a child in East Sussex call the SPOA (Single Point Of Advice) on 01323 464222.

If you think the child is in immediate danger, you should call the Police.

You can access further information on the other tabs under Safeguarding and Wellbeing on our website, in particular the link to Local Safeguarding Children Board. You can also access the NSPCC website.