Our Vision

Our Community Vision is to be an outstanding academy where every child succeeds. We consulted with children, parents, staff and governors, asking two key questions:

What do you want for children at The Baird Primary Academy?

What sort of Academy will the Baird Primary Academy be?

We incorporated everyone’s ideas into a Community Vision.


Our mission is to create the right conditions for our academy to provide an outstanding education so that every child succeeds. To achieve this, we have researched outstanding practice in outstanding schools and incorporated your ideas into our Community Mission.

We are now implementing a strategic plan for rapid improvement based on this mission. We hope that you will join with us in this exciting new venture.

The Baird Primary Academy belongs to the University of Brighton Academies Trust, which is led by the University of Brighton. The University has a longstanding commitment to Hastings, where we have an expanding campus and growing student body. Supported by our co-sponsors, BT and East Sussex County Council, our vision is to help every child in our academies to achieve their very best.

As the lead sponsor, the University is in a strong position to help The Baird Primary Academy to achieve excellence for its pupils. Our School of Education is judged by Ofsted to be Outstanding and we are committed to helping improve teaching and learning for your child. We will work with you as parents to help us achieve this.

Our Values

We have high expectations for our children and our clear next steps for each child are shared with parents. We work with parents and children get everyone involved in the learning experience. Homework is an expectation for all children and achievement is celebrated and rewarded.

Our school is well resourced and we take pride in our environment. Children are expected to treat others and their Academy with respect. There is a clear system for children and we expect all pupils to learn these and with support make good choices and become responsible members of the community.

Our staff focus on giving the pupils the best opportunities and in our constant drive to improve we are working on becoming an outstanding Academy. We work with experts to constantly reflect and improve on our practice to ensure we meet the changing needs of our society.