Leadership Team

Mr Savage

Chair of Governors

Mr Smith

Executive Principal

Mrs C Welch


Mrs Auer

Assistant Principal - KS1/EYFS

Miss Parmee

Assistant Principal - KS2

Ms Jeffries


Mrs Adie

Pupil Premium Champion

Miss Bourne

EYFS Leader

Mr Ware

Key Stage 2 Leader

Teaching Staff

Miss Jenny

Lead Nursery Practitioner

Miss Ashworth

Nursery Puffins, Nursery Assistant

Mrs Kennedy

Nursery Puffins, Nursery Assistant

Miss Bourne

EYFS Leader / Reception Cygnets Teacher

Mrs Horsman

Reception Cygnets, Teacher

Miss Joy

Reception Ducklings, Teacher

Miss Clark

Reception Cygnets, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Trunchion

Reception Ducklings, Teaching Assistant

Miss Nijhuis

Year 1 Swifts, Teacher

Mrs Homewood

Year 1 Swifts, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Auer

Year 1 Skylarks, Teacher

Miss Grabow

Year 1 Skylarks, Teacher

Miss Meredith

Year 1 Skylarks, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Willard

Year 2 Kingfishers, Teacher

Mrs Simpson

Year 2 Robins, Teacher

Mrs Peacock

Year 2 Warblers, Teacher

Mrs Wilson

Year 2 Kingfishers, HLTA

Mrs Millard

Year 2 Robins, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Brown

Year 2 Warblers, Teaching Assistant

Miss Benton

Year 3 Lapwings, Teacher

Mr Mannion

Year 3 Sandmartins, Teacher

Miss Aird

Year 3, Teaching Assistant

Miss Moore

Year 3, Teaching Assistant

Miss Jones

Year 4 Herons, Teacher

Mr Thomas

Year 4 Cranes, Teacher

Mrs Isted

Year 4, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Connolly

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Parmee

Year 5 Egrets, Teacher

Miss Baker

Year 5 Egrets, Teacher

Miss Renesto

Year 5 Curlews, Teacher

Mrs Fisher

Year 5 Egrets, Teaching Assistant

Miss Heath

Year 5 Curlews, Teaching Assistant

Mr Ware

KS2 Leader / Year 6 Avocets, Teacher,

Mr Cameron

Year 6 Sandpipers, Teacher

Mrs Curtis

Year 6, Teaching Assistant, HLTA

Miss Jones

Year 6, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Stapley-Bourne

HLTA - PPA Cover

Mrs Hayes

HLTA - PPA Cover

Mr Masters

Sports & Physical Education Teacher

Inclusion Team

Ms Jeffries


Mrs Jarvis

Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Adie

Pupil Premium Champion

Mrs Smith

Reading Recovery Teacher

Mrs Cooke

Speech and Language Therapist

Miss Joyce

Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Ms Wright

SEN HLTA Nurture Practitioner

Miss Powell

SEN Teaching Assistant, Nurture Practitioner

Miss Collins

Behaviour and Thrive Assistant

Mrs Luck


Mrs Harman


Mrs Poulter


Facilities Team

Mr Jasinski

Facilities Manager

Mr Kirby

Facilities Manager

Office Team

Mrs Poole

Academy Business Manager

Miss Standen

Finance Assistant

Miss Campbell


Miss Hummerstone

Attendance Officer / Clerical Assistant

Miss Kidd

PA to Principal