RT @MrsAuer_Baird: The children in Skylarks have been using their ‘digraph spotting goggles’ today! @Baird_Primary @Baird_Skylarks https://… RT @MrsAuer_Baird: Don’t forget to put your tokens into our pot at Tesco - you may need to ask for a token if they don’t automatically give… RT @MrsAuer_Baird: We’re learning how to be safe at the seaside today! @Baird_Primary @Hastingsrnli @RNLI https://t.co/7ftvWQhl1i RT @Baird_Lapwings: A view from binoculars taken by Miss Collins at Rye Nature Reserve @Baird_Lapwings @Baird_Smartins @Baird_Primary https… RT @Baird_Lapwings: A lovely afternoon tea with Lapwings. We made cucumber sandwiches, jam tarts, iced biscuits and lemonade. @Baird_Lapwin RT @MrsAuer_Baird: Help us win the trophy for ‘Walk to School Week’ @Baird_Primary https://t.co/GuavOKg9NQ RT @Baird_Avocets: Thank you @Baird_Primary for a great celebration breakfast provided for our Y6 children today marking the end of SATs we… RT @Baird_egrets: Oops it turned out my class already had a Twitter account and I didn't need to set up a new one... I'll just use this on… RT @Baird_Avocets: Y6 @Baird_Primary not only enjoying their pre-SATs breakfast but also being entertained at the same time. @Baird_sandpip RT @Egrets_Baird: Houmous ingredients- Chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, raw garlic, lemon juice, salt. Mash it up with a drop of water! @Baird


Our mission is to become an outstanding academy where Every Child Succeeds. We recognise that success is part of a journey and can take many forms. Within a culture of shared learning and mutual respect, all members of the academy share in celebrating and taking pride in their successes and are inspired and supported to take the next step on their journey.

Our aim is to provide a safe, nurturing and engaging learning environment in which our pupils will develop the confidence to step out into an ever changing world, equipped with the knowledge, skills, confidence and compassion to make a difference.

If you are seeking a place for your child, please come and visit.

Mr John Smith

Executive Principal

Mrs Carly Welch