RT @Baird_Lapwings: @Baird_Lapwings @Baird_Primary https://t.co/k22HZu3d0O RT @UoBOutreach: Nikki has had a fab couple of days working with pupils from @sandown_school and @Baird_Primary in #Hastings, as part of th… It’s nearly deadline day (Tuesday 15th January) for applications to our Reception classes starting in September 201… https://t.co/N4wI0UM83k RT @sdowdtrust: Just had some lovely thank you letters for the #adventbooks sent to @Baird_Primary, Hastings: “we hope that you keep workin… RT @EFT_Hastings: *Parents/carers with children at @Baird_Primary #Hastings* We have a FREE Makaton course for beginners starting next Tue… RT @TAtoTeacher: The @Baird_Primary continues to fly high - now offering a free ‘Merlin’s Magic Breakfast’ for EVERY pupil from next term!… RT @MrsAuer_Baird: @Baird_Primary https://t.co/ljVlkaieY0 RT @MrsAuer_Baird: @Baird_Avocets have found a Siobhan Dowd book in their advent calendar @Baird_Primary. Thank you @sdowdtrust https://t.c… RT @Baird_Lapwings: What an achievement nearly everyone in Lapwings can use the column method to subtract and add. Excellent Lapwings. @Bai RT @Baird_Lapwings: Look at Lapwings home learning. It was to make a game using the theme winter. @Baird_Lapwings @Baird_Primary https:/…


Our mission is to become an outstanding academy where Every Child Succeeds. We recognise that success is part of a journey and can take many forms. Within a culture of shared learning and mutual respect, all members of the academy share in celebrating and taking pride in their successes and are inspired and supported to take the next step on their journey.

Our aim is to provide a safe, nurturing and engaging learning environment in which our pupils will develop the confidence to step out into an ever changing world, equipped with the knowledge, skills, confidence and compassion to make a difference.

If you are seeking a place for your child, please come and visit.

Mrs Carly Welch