RT @Baird_Lapwings: Theme day - remembrance. Lapwings wrote letters to an unknown soldier, made iced biscuits to resemble poppies and used… RT @Baird_Lapwings: Lapwings have really enjoyed what they have learnt in PE which has been gymnastics. We now know these terms and can use… RT @Baird_Swifts: Today we discovered a spaceship crash in Year 1! It prompted some really imaginative writing! 👽👾🛸 @Baird_Primary @Baird_S RT @Baird_Lapwings: Lapwings made ‘Bonkers Hats’ for the Storytelling Festival. They really enjoyed making them. @Baird_Lapwings @Baird_Pri RT @Baird_Lapwings: @Baird_Lapwings @Baird_Primary more bug hotels- amazing. https://t.co/9PFnvbCkrK RT @MrsSavage_RSW: Click here to explore East Sussex special needs and disability local offer https://t.co/9icxvCQ3fv Find out what’s avail… RT @Baird_egrets: We also learnt about Fair trade... what it is and why it's important. The class are half way through writing letters to p… RT @Baird_Lapwings: More photos if secret supporters of the suffragette @Baird_Lapwings @Baird_Primary https://t.co/5I7Db9tC5a RT @Baird_Lapwings: Lapwings researched the suffragettes as part of our Equality Theme Day. We made badges and jewellery to show we would h… RT @Baird_egrets: It's Equality day at The Baird! This morning Egrets learnt about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and the Black Civil Right…


Thursday 8 November, 9.30am
Thursday 15 November, 9.30am
Wednesday 21 November, 2pm

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Our mission is to become an outstanding academy where Every Child Succeeds. We recognise that success is part of a journey and can take many forms. Within a culture of shared learning and mutual respect, all members of the academy share in celebrating and taking pride in their successes and are inspired and supported to take the next step on their journey.

Our aim is to provide a safe, nurturing and engaging learning environment in which our pupils will develop the confidence to step out into an ever changing world, equipped with the knowledge, skills, confidence and compassion to make a difference.

If you are seeking a place for your child, please come and visit.

Mrs Carly Welch